Registration of Your Graduation Ceremony

Graduates of Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Undergraduate Degrees, Higher Diploma and Diploma programmes are welcome to join the in-person Graduation Ceremony conducted on a faculty basis on Saturdays between 20 November to 18 December 2021. The schedule of your ceremony is listed here.

For graduates with Graduation Date of ‘31 October 2021’* to join the ceremony, you MUST perform Online Registration from 5 to 24 October 2021 (both dates inclusive). You are also required to read the following details and Important Notes:

Online Registration 5 - 24 October 2021 (both dates inclusive)

Admission and Guest Tickets

  1. Each graduand is ONLY entitled to have ONE admission ticket and TWO guest tickets* for the ceremony
    *Graduates and guests must present the tickets for boarding the University Shuttle bus at University Station and entering the campus on the day of the Graduation Ceremony.

  2. The tickets will be posted by surface mail to those graduates who have registered for attending the graduation ceremony.
    (Graduand MUST provide up-to-date mailing address during Online Registration)
Schedule of Ceremony For details, please click here.


Important Notes

Academic Dress

  1. All graduates attending the Graduation Ceremony are required to refer to the Dress Code and wear the full set of academic dress appropriate for your degree or diploma. Graduates not in full or incorrect academic dress or in wrong subject discipline colour WILL NOT be allowed to enter the Arena (C-LP-11) and will be arranged to seat separately to watch broadcasts. Please refer to Academic Dress (Subject Discipline Colour of Programme/Hood) posted on the Graduation Ceremony website for the designated subject discipline colour of your programme.

Please visit the Graduation Ceremony website for the details of Loan of Academic Dress if required.

Graduates' Admission Tickets

  1. You are required to register online for your attendance at the Graduation Ceremony 2021 on or before 3 October 2021 (Sunday). If you fail to do that before the stipulated date, we shall assume that you will not attend the ceremony and no admission ticket or guest tickets will be sent to you.
  2. Graduates and guests must present the tickets for boarding the University Shuttle bus at University Station and entering the campus on the day of Graduation Ceremony. Graduates and Guests without admission tickets will not be allowed to enter the campus. After the online registration period, your admission ticket together with two guest tickets will be sent to you nearer the time. The seating arrangements will be subject to the health and safety precautionary measures and policy stipulated by the University.
  3. Before attending the Graduation Ceremony, please observe the House Rules printed on the back of the admission ticket for graduates and guests.


Seating Arrangement for Guests

  1. You are requested to note the physical limitation of the campus facilities and venues due to public health measures and other precautionary guidelines including social distancing during the pandemic. For these reasons, graduands will be seated in Lecture Theatre C-LP-11 whilst guests will be seated separately in other venues on the campus to watch broadcasts. Each graduand is entitled to receive TWO guest tickets as practised in previous years and ceremony will be broadcast live in other venues where guests are seated. Thank you for your understanding.

*For graduates of ’31 August 2021’, your online application period ended, please email Registry at for make-up arrangement.

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