Postgraduate Diploma in Education/ Undergraduate Degrees/ Higher Diploma/ Diploma

Loan of Academic Dress

(Only applicable to graduands of Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Undergraduate Degrees, Higher Diploma and Diploma programmes.)
(If you are a graduand of Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Master of Philosophy and Taught Master Degrees programmes, please click here.)


In view of the uncertainty of the pandemic situation, the distribution and loan service of the academic dress will be provided by the University’s designated supplier, Victoria Uniform (VU) (維多利校服公司) at their business outlet in Tai Po. You are advised to refer to the Subject Discipline Colour of your programme/hood.

Details of Loan of Academic Dress

  1. To borrow the academic dress, you MUST perform ONLINE REGISTRATION via the website of VU on or before 26 January 2022 for reservation. The academic dress can be collected within the period from 1 August 2021 to 27 January 2022 (both dates inclusive). Please refer to the website of VU for details;
    Online registration - reservation of loan of academic dress: From 19 July 2021 to 26 January 2022
    (via VU website)
    Academic dress collection period:

    Within the period between 1 August 2021 and 27 January 2022 (both dates inclusive)

    Academic dress return deadline*: You are required to return the academic dress on or before 27 January 2022, regardless of the date of collecting the academic dress
    Outlet location for collection of academic dress:

    Victoria Uniform (維多利校服公司)

    Shop 3 G/F, Tai Wing House, Tai Yuen Estate, Tai Po
    大埔大元邨泰榮樓地下 3 號舖

    Phone No.: 3118 4396 or 3105 5009
    *If you collect the academic dress later than 1 August 2021, please ignore the ’Return Date’ (還袍日期) shown on the ‘Gown Rental & Deposit’ form, as the last date of return is fixed on 27 January 2022, as this is the limitation of the supplier's gown rental system that a return date later than 27 January 2022 will still be shown.  The academic dress must be returned on or before 27 January 2022. Otherwise, the extension fee which is counted on a 7-day basis will be charged.
  2. Graduands MUST visit the following website to obtain information before registering for the reserve of the loan of Academic Dress:

    (a) Designated Subject Discipline Colour of your programme posted on this website; and

    (b) Procedures for collection and return of academic dress provided by the supplier on their website (ref: Instructions on Online Gown Rental System)

  3. Graduands MUST complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION via the supplier website before collection of academic dress from the supplier’s business outlet in Tai Po. Please login with the University Code printed on the letter of "Loan of Academic Dress" issued to you on 12 July 2021 or refer to the corresponding University Code listed below;
    University Code Degree Award (Programme Code)
    EDU21PGDE Postgraduate Diploma in Education
    (A1P014 C2P035 A1P015 C2P037 A1P018 C2P040 C2P041)
    EDU21BA Bachelor of Arts
    (A4B067 A4B068 A4B071 A4B086 A4B087)
    EDU21BED Bachelor of Education
    (A5B057 A5B058 A5B059 A5B060 A5B061 A5B062 A5B063 A5B064 A5B065 A5B077 A5B078 A5B079 A5B083 A5B084 A5B085 C3B001 C3B002 C3B003 C4B006 C4B007)
    EDU21BHE Bachelor of Health Education
    (A2B016 C3B004)
    EDU21BME Bachelor of Music in Education
    EDU21BSCED Bachelor of Science Education
    (A4B073 A4B074)
    EDU21BSSC Bachelor of Social Sciences
    (A4B069 A4B075 A4B089 A4B090)
    EDU21BSSED Bachelor of Social Science Education
    EDU21DOUD Double Degree
    (A5B080 A5B081 A5B082)
    EDU21HD Higher Diploma
    (A2H049 E2H015)
    EDU21DP Diploma
  4. Graduands MUST present the following documents and settle the payment of deposit upon collecting academic dress at Tai Po business outlet of VU;

    (a) The TRUE copy of the Waiver of Rental Fee of Academic Dress Voucher** issued by the University for a waiver of the rental fee;

    (b) The signed 'Gown Rental & Deposit' form in dual copies (i.e. one for graduand and one for the supplier) for collection and return of academic dress. This form is obtained right after completing the online registration through the website of VU (ref: Instructions on Online Gown Rental System); and

    (c) Exact CASH (in HK dollars) payment for the deposit of the academic dress.
    **The voucher is enclosed in the letter of "Loan of Academic Dress" dated 12 July 2021. If you have not received the voucher by 30 July 2021, please write to the Registry ( for a make-up arrangement.

  5. The full deposit amount will be refunded to graduands provided that the academic dress is returned in proper condition and on or before the return due date. Graduands will be charged for extension fee when the deadline of return of academic dress is over. The extension fee/ penalty charge will be levied and deducted from the deposit amount.

Please refer to the table below for the relevant fee charges:

Item No. Fee Note Fee to be paid in CASH only
(in HK dollars)
Postgraduate Diploma Bachelor Degree Diploma/Higher Diploma
1 Deposit per set (same as the selling price per set) for the first loan period HK$550 HK$700 HK$450
2 Extension fee per set (for 7 calendar days) HK$150 HK$170 HK$150
3 Damage/Loss charge Gown: HK$400
Mortarboard & Tassel: HK$150
Gown: HK$400
Hood: HK$150
Mortarboard & Tassel: HK$150
Gown: HK$350
Hood: HK$100


  1. The loan and collection of academic dress are within the period between 1 August 2021 and 27 January 2022. You are required to return the academic dress on or before 27 January 2022, regardless of the date of collecting the academic dress;
  2. Graduands who cannot present the TRUE copy of the Waiver of Rental Fee of Academic Dress Voucher** and/ settle the deposit amount when collecting the academic dress, s/he will not be allowed to collect the academic dress and then need to make other arrangements with VU;
  3. The extension fee will be charged if the academic dress is not returned on or before the deadline (i.e. 27 January 2022). The extended loan period is counted on the basis of 7 days. (i.e. If the actual extension is less than 7 days, the extension fee will still be charged for 7 days);
  4. Extension/ damage fees, if any, will be deducted from the deposit amount; and
  5. Graduands are strongly advised by the supplier to collect your academic dress on the day indicated during the online registration in order to avoid a long queue-up time.