Postgraduate Diploma in Education/ Undergraduate Degrees/ Higher Diploma/ Diploma

Return of Academic Dress

This is applicable to graduands of Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Undergraduate Degrees, Higher Diploma and Diploma programmes ONLY.
(If you are a graduand of Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Master of Philosophy and Taught Master Degrees programmes, please click here.)

Graduands who have borrowed academic dress from the University are required to return their academic dress to the University’s laundry supplier, Quality Dry-Clean(優質乾洗會)on or before 8 December 2019 (Sunday) or at Room B3-P-06, Block B3 on Tai Po Campus after your ceremony session on the Congregation Day (i.e. 22 – 23 November 2019). Please refer to the details specified below:

Return of Academic Dress Date & Time Venue
At the business outlet of Quality Dry-Clean 22 November – 8 December 2019 For location and business hour of the designated business outlet, please click here.
At Quality Dry-Clean service counter arranged on Tai Po Campus

22 November 2019
(10:00am – 5:15pm); and

23 November 2019

Ho Tak Sum Multipurpose Room(何德心多用途活動室)
(Room B3-P-06, Block B3)*
At the University on Tai Po Campus Starting from 9 December 2019**
(Monday – Friday, from 9:00am – 5:00pm)
Information Centre
(Room A-G/F-11, Block A)

*The temporary counter of Quality Dry-Clean in Room B3-P-06, Block B3 will ONLY arrange on 22 & 23 November 2019 for the return of academic dress by graduands of Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Undergraduate Degrees, Higher Diploma and Diploma programmes after the ceremony.

**If you have missed all the stipulated dates and timeslots, you are required to pay an overdue charge of HK$30.00 per day when the academic dress is returned to Information Centre (Room A-G/F-11, Block A, Tai Po campus) after 2:00pm on 9 December 2019, during office hours (Monday – Friday, from 9:00am – 5:00pm).




Penalty Charges for Late Return/Damage/Loss of Academic Dress

Late Return HK$30 per working day
(counting from 9 December 2019 (Monday, 2:01 pm), Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays are not counted as one working day)
  Cap Hood Gown Total
Postgraduate Diploma /Bachelor Degree HK$150 HK$150^ HK$400 HK$700
Diploma/ Higher Diploma NA HK$100 HK$350 HK$450

^For Bachelor Degree only

^^For any Damage/Loss penalty charged by the University via Quality Dry-Clean, graduands must settle all penalty and return the original bank receipt together with the Damage/Loss item receipt issued by Quality Dry-Clean, by post to Information Centre, The Education University of Hong Kong, Room A-G/F-11, Block A, 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, for record.




Payment Method

Please settle the penalty charges in advance at any branch of Bank of East Asia. Payment by cash at the Information Centre will NOT be accepted. You can pay the penalty by direct deposit or ATM transfer to the account: 015-195-25-00100-0 of the Bank of East Asia (Interbank Transfer Service is only accepted within the JETCO# member banks). Upon payment, please write down your name, student number and programme code at the back of the receipt for verification.

#For the list of JETCO member banks, please click here.

The University reserves the right not to issue any academic documents to you if you fail to settle any outstanding liabilities, including penalty charge of damage/loss of academic dress.