Important notes

As graduation is drawing near, to ensure the smooth and successful operation of the Congregation sessions, we are pleased to offer you the following tips:

(a) It is important for you to attend the right session. Thus, please check once again if the session number shown on your admission tickets is the same as the one given in the schedule of ceremony.

(b) Please check if your academic dress, in particular the designated discipline colour of your programme, is the same as the one specified in the Colour of Robe and Hoods. If problems are found, please contact us as soon as possible for making a replacement (Tel: (852) 2948 6710 or Email:

(c) You are strongly advised to put on the full set of academic dress and observe the Dress Code before arriving at the Seat Allocation Counter (Block E, LP1, Squash Court Viewing Gallery). Academic dress will NOT be provided on the Congregation Day.

(d) On the day of the Congregation, you are strongly requested to arrive at the Seat Allocation Counter located at Block E at least 45 minutes before the start time of your session.  A number of checking procedures and seating arrangements for graduands have to be made during this 45-minute period, and hence, your early reporting is crucial.  In addition, you need to be seated earlier inside the Sports Hall to be briefed the ceremony.

We appreciate your support for making the Congregation at EdUHK a proud and memorable moment for everyone. Last but not least, we congratulate once again on your academic accomplishments, and look forward to seeing you all.