Graduate Employment Survey

The Education University of Hong Kong
Graduate Employment Survey for 2020 Graduates

Graduate Employment Survey is conducted annually to gain better understanding of the graduates’ employment situation and provide useful data for better planning of the university programmes and career services.

[ACT NOW!] Complete the Survey
All full-time students* of any levels graduating in 2020 are invited to complete the online Graduate Employment Survey as soon as possible. An invitation email was sent to the EdUHK email account of all eligible graduates in mid-September 2020.

(CLICK HERE to complete the survey)

Lucky Draw
Graduates who completed the online survey on or before 4th October 2020 will be eligible to join the Lucky Draw! More than 80 prizes including AirPods or shopping vouchers of Apple iTunes, Starbucks, City’Super, Parknshop, Wellcome or any other retail shops (HKD$500, HKD$100, HKD$50 or HKD$25) will be awarded. Lucky draw result and award details will be announced on or before 30 October 2020 by email. Grab the chance to earn a lucky draw prize!

Important Notes

  1. Individual information reported on the survey will be kept confidential and will be used solely to compile aggregate data that Student Affairs Office and The Education University of Hong Kong are obliged to collect.
  2. Some of the data obtained in the survey may be submitted to the University Grants Committee, Education Bureau or other HKSAR Government offices, or will be used for research purposes. The data will thereafter be handled by the Student Affairs Office.
  3. Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request access to, and to request correction of, your personal data in relation to this survey. Graduates wishing to access or make corrections to their data should submit written requests to the Student Affairs Office.

If you have questions about the Graduate Employment Survey 2020, please contact Ms. Lau of the Student Affairs Office by email, by phone at (852) 2948 6236 or by fax at (852) 2948 6771.

*Including all full-time sub-degree, undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.



香港教育大學 2020年畢業生就業調查


所有在 2020年畢業的全日制課程* 學生會被邀請盡快填寫網上畢業生就業調查問卷。有關電郵經已於2020年9月中發送到學生的香港教育大學電郵帳戶,請各畢業生盡早填妥並遞交相關就業調查的網上問卷。


凡在2020年10月4日或之前完成並提交網上問卷的畢業生均可參加抽獎,將有機會獲得AirPods或價值港幣500元、100元、50元或25元之Apple iTunes、星巴克、City'Super、百佳、惠康或其他零售店的現金券,禮品超過80份。抽獎結果及領獎詳情將於10月30日或之以前以電郵方式通知。請把握機會,贏取豐富獎品!


  1. 在調查中提供的個人資料將會保持機密。學生事務處及香港教育大學需要收集的資料只會以整體數據形式報導。
  2. 此問卷所收集的部分數據,可能會提供予大學教育資助委員會、教育局或其他香港特區政府辦事處,或會用作進一步問卷調查之用。資料將由學生事務處處理。
  3. 根據私隱條例,你有權查閱或更改你在此問卷中的個人資料。如畢業生有此需要,請以書面通知學生事務處。

如有任何有關 「2020年畢業生就業調查」的查詢, 請聯絡學生事務處劉小姐 ( 電郵地址,聯絡電話: (852) 2948 6236 或傳真至(852) 2948 6771) 。

* 「全日制課程」包括全日制研究生課程、學位課程、文憑及證書課程。