For graduates with graduation date of 31 March 2020 or 31 August 2020

Collection of Award Certificate for graduates with Graduation Date of ‘31 March 2020’ or ‘31 August 2020’

Upon successful completion of a programme of study, you will be issued an award certificate according to the schedules specified above.

With the University's priority of health and safety, delivery of award certificates will be handled exceptionally this year by dispatching your award certificate via postal delivery. Therefore you do not need to return to the University to collect your award certificate as what has been done in our established practice. Delivery of award certificate in registered mail will be free of charge for the following graduates:

(a) graduates who were approved by Academic Board (AB) before the end of March 2020 to graduate with Graduation Date** of ‘31 March 2020’ but have not yet collected their award certificate; and

(b) graduates who were approved by AB before the end of August 2020 to graduate with Graduation Date** of ‘31 August 2020’.

**Graduation date refers to the approval date of AB presented in your ‘Statement of Results’. Information on ‘Graduation Date’ is available at the Registry’s website ( ‘Graduates’ -> ‘Award Certificate’) for reference.

An email regarding the collection of award certificate by post was issued to graduates with Graduation Date of ‘31 March 2020’ and ‘31 August 2020’ on 14 September 2020. Kindly be reminded that it is important for you to complete the on-line registration and provide us with an up-to-date mailing address on or before 4 October 2020 (Sunday). Late registration after 4 October 2020 will not be entertained. 

Please click here and read carefully for the details of the collection of Award Certificate by post.

Please note that the University bears no responsibility for any loss or damage of the award certificate during collection or postal delivery.