Doctor of Philosophy/ Doctor of Education/ Master of Philosophy/ Taught Master Degrees

Return of Academic Dress

This is applicable to graduands of Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Master of Philosophy and Taught Master Degrees programmes ONLY.
(If you are a graduand of Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Undergraduate Degrees, Higher Diploma and Diploma programmes, please click here.)

You are required to return the academic dress to the same Victoria Uniform business outlet where you rented it, on or before the due date of the first rental period (i.e. 35 days which is counted from the first day of collection period). The exact due date is stipulated in the ‘Gown Rental & Deposit’ form (‘Return Date’) which you are required to print after submitting an online request form through the website of Victoria Uniform. Please note that a long queue for return of academic dress may be expected on weekday evenings and/or the due date due to high turnover rate of users. You are strongly advised to collect and return the academic dress within the period as soon as you can, in order to avoid a long queue-up at the business outlet of Victoria Uniform.

Deposit is refundable when the rented items are returned in proper condition within the first rental period. Any extension fee/damage or loss penalty fee will be deducted from the deposit amount. The extended rental period is counted on the basis of 7 days. If the actual extension is less than 7 days, the extension fee will still be charged for 7 days. The deposit fee is refundable when the rented items are returned in proper condition within the first rental period.

When returning the academic dress, you are required to present the ‘Gown Rental & Deposit’ form together with the full set of the academic dress as the full amount of the deposit fee will be returned to you, provided that no damage/loss of item(s) is found and no extension fee is charged. Otherwise, the penalty amount, as in the table specified below, will be deducted from the deposit.

Please refer to the below for Extension fee and Damage/Loss charges:

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)/
Doctor of Education (EdD)/
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Master Degrees
(except MPhil)
1 Extension fee per set (for 7 calendar days) HK$310 HK$160
2 Damage/Loss charges

Gown: HK$900
Hood: HK$400
Mortarboard & Tassel: HK$200
Full Set: HK$1,500

EdD & PhD
Gown: HK$1,100
Hood: HK$350
Bonnet & Tassel: HK$250
Full Set: HK$1,700

Master Degrees
Gown: HK$300
Hood: HK$200
Mortarboard & Tassel: HK$200
Full Set: HK$700